Creating Postsecondary Pathways to Good Jobs for Young High School Dropouts

A Chance for Change: Supporting Youth in Transition in New York City

Connected by 25

Disconnected Youth: An Answer to Preventing Disengagement

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Getting Ahead or Losing Ground: Economic Mobility in America

General Obligation Bonds as a Financing Mechanism for Regional Economic and Workforce Development Authorities: Lessons from Three States

Green-Collar Jobs in America’s Cities

New York City Vocational High School Restructuring Project: Summary

Our Youth, Our Economy, Our Future: A National Investment Strategy for Disconnected Youth

Out of Focus: A Snapshot of Public Funding to Reconnect Youth to Education and Employment

Out of School, Out of Work … Out of Luck? New York City’s Disconnected Youth

Center for Law and Social Policy: Creating Postsecondary Pathways to Good Jobs for Young High School Dropouts: The Possibilities and the Challenges (October 2008)

Working Poor and Young Hit Hard in Downturn (NYT, November 9, 2008)

DYCD Report – GED Testing – “Our Chance for Change – A Four-Year Reform Initiative for GED Testing in NYC

JobsFirst NYC commissioned P/PV Brief: Disconnected Young People in New York City: Crisis and Opportunity


Green For All



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Testimony before City Council Education Committee: Oversight Hearing on Career and Technical Training, Sept. 19, 2008

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Summary of Fiscal Year 2009 Adopted City Budget Priorities

Tomorrow’s Workforce Initiative

Advocacy Tools

Young Worker Earned Income Tax Credit Campaign

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